Vipers will be taking new direction in attempt to get players overseas!

Vipers will be taking new direction in attempt to get players overseas that will expand overseas presence and player visibility and placement. 

Gurnee, Dec. 9, 2019 - Vipers and FIBA Agent Leanne Barrett have to decided to move in a different direction and will no longer have a player agreement, all player inquires are asked to be redirected to the Vipers Organization. Additionally, no players are effected by the separation.

Amid overseas expansion Vipers Pro Basketball will continue its commitment to its players and growth in the overseas market for player job placement and contracts with a new technology approach following a decision by Vipers Pro Basketball and Leanne Barrett - FIBA Basketball Agent #201902469 to end their partnership. The decision is a milestone as Vipers will need aegis as it focuses on its newest merger integration with several overseas alliances that will help with immediate placement and exposure to the European, Australian and New Zealand Market goes underway. 

“We will always label them as one of our New Zealand contact; we are just merely moving in a different direction,” said RJ White, Vipers Pro Basketball President.

“As a result, we have invested heavily in several business models that focus on the Vipers goals. Our focus now is earning a roster spot for our players that have proven talent & metrics and build long-term connections with teams overseas while protecting the Vipers Brand”, White continued to say. 

All player inquires can be re-directed to RJ White. To learn more, Teams and Agents can visit or call 224.678.3009.