Vipers Pro Basketball Partners with Team Ankle Breakers (Bone Collector) for Workout

The Vipers announced early this week that its goal for the summer is to work on building the teams dynasty and stacking the teams' roster with players that are hungry for a championship this season. The recent new additions Lamont Walker (SG) and Darius Woods (PG) signifies the changes the team is looking to make after a discomfit season that ended in the elimination of the Play-offs to West MI Lake Hawks. 

The Vipers recently partnered with Team Ankle Breakers ( Bone Collector) for a private workout session the teams newest picks and current players aim to work hard and increase competitiveness in the summer season.  The players were placed into drills suitable for the "Team Ankle Breaker" legend Bone Collector. 


"The Workout was phenomenal, I grew up watching his game. It was really a humbling experience and look forward to many more. Think I found a new unlock to my game- Darius Woods (PG) 

A lot of people don't give the bone collector the credit he deserves, as far as his creativity and ability to use streetball handles to inspire players to use in today's game. When I seen him working out Harden and seen the change in Hardens handles It was even more confirmation he was the truth - Lamont Walker (SG)

It was a good workout, I remember  Bob Knight once stated, "Our spring practice begins when the last game ends." "Basketball players are made in the summer, but basketball teams are made in the winter." - I whole heartedly agree says RJ White. This workout was much needed. Very intense and the guys received a lot of skill and knowledge from it. 

We are merely getting ready for the summer season with the regular season in tunnel vision - We are working hard all summer to prepare Mind, Body, and Soul for year 5; says RJ White.