Vipers Pro Basketball announces new partnership with Illinois Media School - Chicago

CHICAGO, Ill. – Vipers Pro Basketball is excited to announce after the most recent partnership with the largest digital media content contract in Vipers History. The Vipers will announce a new partnership with Illinois Media School. The Chicagoland-based broadcast and multimedia school will provide Full broadcasting, employment options, pre, post, and the half-time show. The media school will partner for the Vipers Nation Network which will include recent Viper’s news, player interviews and current events including the coaches’ corner which will be based on getting an insight of the game from coaches across the world. The Vipers assigned media crew will help with the formation of creating the Vipers Docuseries.

The Vipers plans to stream all home games and have a camera crew to assist with away game film. The live stream will be broadcasted live to Dailymotion, Sports TV plus,, Facebook and IG snippets.  

Vipers Pro Basketball will stream every home event (, IMS will provide professional-quality broadcasting and commentary to the presentation.

“Having a full broadcast is what we are missing,” said RJ White, Vipers CEO “It’s always great to have a fresh mind; the students have a fun creative approach and have the same end goal. We look forward to the upgrade this will bring to our organization.”

“The addition of Vipers Nation Network (Vipers Radio) will greatly enhance the listening and viewing experience for all,” said RJ White. “IMS brings a level of professionalism to each broadcast, Pre, Post and Half-time show as before”. We are excited to lay a foundation with our broadcast and radio show to see what the future holds.”

Vipers Pro Basketball will provide IMS student the opportunity to gain experience in their field of study, making the relationship a beneficial tool for everyone involved.

 "All of us at the Illinois Media School are extremely excited to be teaming up with Vipers Pro Basketball This will give our graduates and our current students real-world experience producing their home games. We are also pleased to welcome the team into our studios as we present a 1-hour show each week featuring the Vipers players and coaches on Chicagoland Sports Radio says Don Clark – Career services director.”

Vipers Pro Basketball (Viper Nation Network) is scheduled to take place on Thursday, August 1st, Docuseries B-roll will start June 1st and home games broadcast will begin at the official pre-season game.