March Madness - Vipers Vs Police Friendly Game

Representatives from the local Gurnee law enforcement, Gurnee Community Church "Venue Participants” and Vipers Pro Basketball Players stretched before starting the Vipers vs Police game held at Gurnee Community Church. The Venue invited the Vipers out for March madness to workout the kids and help with ball handling, Defensive drills and offensive scenarios with the kids.  The friendly game vs the Gurnee Police Friday afternoon battled for four 6-minute periods up and down the court with the police up a 20-point lead in the second half friendly styled game. 

The back-and-forth game saw the Vipers team emerging victorious with a hard-fought 44-40 win over the police in an event designed to help children of the community enhance their basketball skills. 


“It was a great event; the department had a 6’6 or 6’7 guy he was very athletic and helped the kids tremendously they helped with the beginning of the clinic getting the kids into a friendly game and teaching them skills. The game was a good game, friendly yet still competitive,” said CEO RJ White 


The game and clinic featured all the staples of an action-packed day at the on the court, as those in attendance snacked on Felisa Kings finest soul food such as Jerk chicken and rice, Spaghetti, Peach Cobbler, Chicken tenders, Green Beans, German Chocolate cake and more while clapping along with music and intently watching the game.

The event has been named Vipers and Gurnee Church March Madness & Vipers vs Police Friendly Game — a fun skills clinic and a friendly game played annually between police and Vipers Pro Basketball — but the hoops skills, ball handling and speed of the players competing Friday gave the event more of a grand semi-professional atmosphere.

“It was a good game,” Coach Washington said. “We started off with the mindset they had a big big man in the post and knew  it was going to be a workout when I saw their big man he could jump, dunk and play well in the post, but the Vipers turned up the heat Dee woods is one of the best Three-point shooters on the team when he got fired up and started shooting and Devonte Coe another Three-point shooter got fired up we came back and with Kairi Roberson facilitating and assisting we scored to the final seconds ending at 44 points. So, it is in good spirits and in the sense of community, but it’s also was highly competitive. Both sides had a ball.”

 “It is so encouraging that these pro athletes show up and the police show up to teach the kids and it was a competitive game,” Lucile said. “The Police were in great shape I even saw the big officer dunk he was quick. I watched Vipers help one of the kids learn to shoot over a taller defender.”