Final home game for 2019-20 season!

Vipers probasketball end the final home game of 2019-20 season with a W. The ending score of 126 -123 (Vipers).

The players all idolizing the late Kobe Bryant after hearing word of his passing all dedicated the win and had a moment of silence for the all time great. 

“It’s only right, said Vipers CEO, RJ White”. “He left a mark on the culture of basketball forever the least we can do is acknowledge him, he’s the inspiration that influenced most of the players to even pick up a ball. It’s really sad day for the basketball community”. White.

Devonte Coe #11 leading with 41 points and Christian Mathis #33 with 33 in dedication to Kobe Bryant. 

During the Game it’s to mention the plaque presentation to Vipers from Village Mayor Kristina Kovarik.

Halftime show consisted of Cheer and Dance Extreme and The Learning Center Gurnee halftime free throw shoot out with Proceeds going to The American Heart Association.